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New Trend Whore March 28, 2013 0

Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics is the most incredible line of corrective make-up I have ever come across. Dermablend’s patented formula has the ability to conceal minor to major skin imperfections — everything from bags under the eyes and acne scarring to bruises, birthmarks, and even tattoos. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Rick Genest aka Zombie Boy’s incredible transformation with a little help from Dermablend.



Dermablend is fragrance-free, waterproof, smudge-resistant, lasts up to eight hours, and is very reasonably priced. Seriously, is there anything it can’t do? To purchase some miraculous makeup by Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics click here.

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Violent Eyes

New Trend Whore January 18, 2013 0

From the creator of Violent Lips comes the hottest new trend in eyeliner: Violent Eyes. Violent Eyes are essentially temporary tattoos designed specially for your eyes. They come in eight different colors/designs and each package of Violent Eyes contains four different widths to cater to the look you are going for. Here are a few of my favorite Violent Eyes patterns:



Violent Eyes retail for only $9.99 and offer free shipping worldwide! As an added bonus, they are currently having a 20% off Valentine’s Day sale so BUY, BUY, BUY now by clicking here.

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Japonesque Precision Lash Curler

New Trend Whore October 15, 2012 0

The Japonesque Precision Lash Curler is an eyelash curler like no other. It is designed to curl specific lash sections quickly and easily. Most standard shaped eyelash curlers do not fit a person’s eye properly which results in several lash related issues. Many curlers pinch your eyelid (worst pain ever), make a weird crimp leaving you with L-shaped lashes, and sometimes even miss the inner and outer lashes leaving them dead straight among the rest of the curled lashes. The Japonesque Precision Lash Curler avoids all of these eyelash mishaps by curling small sections of the lashes at a time; genius! It is also the perfect curler for those who are only wanting to curl their outer lashes for a more natural look.



To purchase the amazing Japonesque Precision Lash Curler click here.

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Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Mascara

New Trend Whore September 7, 2012 2

Better Than False Lashes mascara by Too Faced is the perfect way to have the luscious lashes you’ve always dreamed of. The days of resorting to bulky and often hard to apply false lashes and expensive lash extensions are over thanks to this innovative new product. The combination of the Better Than False Lashes mascara base and top coat instantly creates visibly longer lashes. Unlike most of the ‘lengthening’ mascaras that are constantly being advertised, the results from the Better Than False Lashes mascara are actually noticeable . This product is a must have for girls with long and short lashes alike since, lets be honest, your natural lashes can never really be too long.



To purchase Too Faced Better Than False Lashes mascara (you know you want to) click here.

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Car Lashes

New Trend Whore July 18, 2012 0

Car Lashes are exactly what you think they might be: eyelashes for your car. It may sound a little ridiculous but this vehicle accessory is becoming increasingly popular amongst female drivers. Car Lashes give your vehicle a feminine touch that will have people looking twice at your sexy ride. Check out Car Lashes on the vehicles below:



As if that wasn’t enough Car Lashes also manufactures crystal eyeliner for vehicles! The crystal eyeliner actually compliments Car Lashes quite flawlessly. In my opinion, if you are going to put a set of fake eyelashes on your vehicle you might as well throw some crystal eyeliner on it too. Check out Car Lashes crystal eyeliner on the vehicles below:



What do you think of the Car Lashes trend? Love it or hate it? Leave a comment and let me know! To purchase a set of Car Lashes and/or crystal eyeliner click here.

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